Show – Balloon Games and Twisting (2 hours)


This show will be suitable for a party of up to 30 children to guarantee an elaborate balloon for each child.  If there are more than 30 children, please contact me for a special request. If I can accommodate, I will try to simplify my designs to make sure every child can have a balloon, but I cannot guarantee every child can choose what they will get.

The show will start with fun games. For the first 30 mins there will be some games with long and huge round balloons. After that, I will provide several handcrafted balloon designs made on request on site. There will be a selection of designs to choose from to guarantee at least one balloon per child. The maximum number of guaranteed balloons made on request for this session is 30, as twisting is only about 90 minutes of this show and there will be more elaborate balloons than just simple swords or flowers (an average of 3 mins per design). If your party has a theme, then please specify that theme on the order note so I can add a specific design for that theme on the menu if possible.

For specific requests outside of standard entertaining services, please send me a message on my contact form below and I will reply as soon as possible. Have a wonderful day!


The purchase of this service includes a booking fee (£34), this is a 20% non-refundable fee to cover for material and expenses needed to proceed with the booking (including insurance cost, payment fees, call-out fees, securing the date/time for your booking, pre-made balloons to be ready for the show and any other preparation). This will not be refunded in the event of cancellation of this booking. The non-refundable fee can be put towards rearranging the booking for a future date/time only in circumstances where this change of date/time is requested with more than 7 days prior to the booking taking place (availability for new date/time has to be confirmed with us before rearranging).


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