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Princess Balloon CandyCup

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This is the perfect gift for the little ones (and not so little!). Whether it is to surprise someone, cheer someone up or as a unique party gift, you will see their faces light up with happiness and excitement. This product will be wrapped in a 100% biodegradable cellophane and finished with a colour coordinated bow and curly ribbons. The balloons used are 100% biodegradable latex balloons and the sweets are inside a 100% recyclable plastic cup.


This is for only one balloon design in one candycup, image showing several designs to show variations. You can specify color of the skin, hair and dress. Please also choose if you prefer a regular pick&mix selection of sweets (this option may contain sweets with nuts, dairy and gluten) or a Vegan pick&mix selection of sweets (this option may contain sweets with nuts and gluten). Some designs may show a colour variation depending on stock availability. There is no minimum order quantity required. Delivery fee is not included in the price (Check delivery options and fees at checkout).


Pick&Mix, Vegan Pick&Mix

1 review for Princess Balloon CandyCup

  1. Anne

    They are unbelievable, my daughters were in love with the princesses and I loved that she made them different so they will both feel special. I wanted to reward their hard work at school after such a difficult year and they were so happy! Sweets were great too! Thank you!

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