Elf is back balloon!


How will your elf arrive this year? what about inside a balloon? Then bring your own elf in and we will pop it into a balloon display for you ready for their return on 1st December (It will be delivered the 29th-30th November) (Please make sure your own elf arrives to me in good time and before 25th November)

And if you don’t have an elf, it’s not a problem, you can choose the option to have a brand new one with your order.

Some designs may show a colour variation depending on stock availability. There is no minimum order quantity required. Delivery fee is not included in the price (Check delivery options and fees at checkout adding your postcode).


If you require a balloon that incorporates your own elf, we will contact you to provide details for sending your elf safely to us after you have placed your order. Please bring your own elf before 25th November to make sure your elf can be placed inside the clear balloon, if it arrives later it may be placed outside the balloon.

Your item will be ready to be collected or be delivered the 29th-30th November (if you choose to have it delivered before those dates, I will email you to double check).

Sweets, confetti, balloons and small items may be placed inside the balloon along with the elf (please specify of any known allergies so we can replace the specific items for suitable ones for the child, it may means replacing sweets for non-food items depending on availability).

Additional information

Elf options

Customer will provide own Elf, Add a brand new Elf


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