Deluxe Numbers Centrepiece


A bespoke design created to match any theme. This centrepiece is designed to get the guests attention and mark such happy occasion. A nice touch to your birthday photos! This unique centrepiece is sure to get your guests in the happy mood!

Measures approximately 1.5-2 metres tall depending on the design (5-6.5 feet)


It will be wrapped in a 100% biodegradable clear bags to protect it until you display it. The age will be added using large foil balloons, the name will be added using permanent balloon vinyl. Please let me know what number and name you want me to add, and also a theme for the party so I can add some elements to the Centrepiece. There is some space on the order notes at the checkout.

You will see their faces light up with happiness and excitement. The balloons used to make this bespoke handcrafted designs are 100% biodegradable latex balloons, the large numbers are foil balloons that can be reused again and again for a long time, as it does keep the air if kept undamaged 😍

Some designs may show a colour variation depending on stock availability and manufacturer. There is no minimum order quantity required. Delivery fee is not included in the price (Check delivery options and fees at checkout).

Please reuse the wrapping clear bags it comes in as you wish, or bring it back to me so I can reuse/dispose of them next time you buy from me. I would be happy to reuse it again and again and avoid waste. In exchange, I will give you some cool stickers!

Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 130 × 200 cm


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